As a kid, we were always taking car vacations.  Traveling for 2 weeks in the car with 4 of us, with the trunk expertly packed by my dad with all of our luggage and a cooler with salami, crackers and lunchmeat for the side-of-the-road lunches and snacks.  So I grew up traveling, so to speak.

I really didn't the photography bug until I went to Egypt with my oldest sister.  I remember her calling me up asking if I wanted to go on this trip with her.  I screamed and slammed down the phone.  I called her right back and asked her if I heard her right - that she wanted me to go to Egypt with her??  To my mothers dismay, I cashed in all of my savings bonds for the trip, and the rest is history.  

Please enjoy my collage art and the photographs of travel, life and everything in-between.

Kim Ciesla

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